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Jun 6, 2002
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*TR status
TR, Technical Report, on C++ performance has been generated at ISO SC22/WG21. It will be voted in the near future.

*Final revision of Embedded C++ specification and current activity
We finished a revision of Embedded C++ specification. This is a final specification until the ISO/IEC 14882-1998 will be revised. Now, we EC++ committee participate in a sub working group for C++ performance issues at the ISO SC22/WG21. This sub working group is started on 1998 October and has been doing their work actively. We have made some proposal from the embedded programming point of view. We welcome your opinion and we will reflect it to this sub working group.

*ISO WG21 mailing reflector for performance issues
ISO WG21 have added a mailing reflector for *WG21 members*. The purpose of this reflector is to discuss performance issues, including issues relating to embedded systems.
Public mailing list is "c++-embedded@cygnus.com". This mailing list for open discussion of the issues related to the use of C++ for embedded systems. To join the list, write to "c++-embedded-request@cygnus.com". This mailing list has nothing to do with our committee.

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